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If you are passionate about dancing, a professional dancer, looking for shoes which are made in Italy and you want to buy them from the comfort of your own home ... then ITALY TREND is the company for you!


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Rebai is an outlet established in 1965 and specialised in the sale of pavements and ground coverings in marble, granite and parquet. As the quality and value of a pavement, be it in natural stone,...
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COCOMAMA GOLD grants its customers the utmost professionality, be it private citizens or operators in the gold business. Items can be purchased online.

COCOMAMA GOLD was born from the ideas and experience of its creator Gian Luca Guarneri, owner and goldsmith. Gian Luca was born in Tortona in February 1981, in his adolescence he developed a great...
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ITALIA TREND - Production and online sales of dance shoes, proud of the excellence achieved with our creations, and it is with great Italian pride that we export our products which are all made in Italy, all over the world.

Italia Trend is a company that was born in 2000 from an initial idea, which then became an entrepreneurial project based on two fundamental principles, producing in Italy and collaborating with the...
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Acquista Biglietti Pennywise + Guests a Pennywise + Guests Beky Bay Beach Village Bellaria Igea Marina
il 03 Lug 2018

Te lo Consiglia SìHappy!


Pasion Tropical in Gran Canaria celebrates its twenty years of activity! The 1998 - 2018 Anniversary The only Gay Resort in Gran Canaria in front of the ocean!

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Pasta & Company. Ours is a history made of a little bit of luck and plenty of hard work. We were lucky to inherit from our grandparents their passion for good food, taste education, the magic and the secrets of the art of baking.

Since 1952: a tradition of artisanal pasta, fresh and filled, and as delicious as the homemade kind. A journey of quality and taste that started out with a whisper eventually led Pasta & Company to...
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Immobiliare Giuntoli Real Estate Agent
In Porto Rotondo, new generations are prompted to drop anchor or buy a house because, just like the pioneers who shaped this village, they have fallen in love with island and the sea. Just like in...
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Established in 1982, Euromarmi has soon become a successful company in the stone industry due to the company creators, Nicola Stiuso and his wife Angela. Although, they were not sure of the outcome...
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